2014 Prediction

23 Des
Be miserable. Or motivate yourself. Whatever has to be done, it’s always your choice.
20142014 will be soon, is the year for wooden horse, which confidence , optimistic , generous and honesty will bring them into a great leader , but taking hasty decisions without thinking will dropping it .

Prediction or forecast:

Artist                 : the intense competition in the presence of potential new entrants, the success will be seen
from the artist who has the knowledge to wisdom.
Politics              : people who are capable of designing the future as evidenced in an action would be a leader
than those who do a lot of consideration but do not go.
Health               : deterioration in the health world, disillusionment with the funders.
Natural Disasters: erratic weather and the presence of unfavorable elements in a mountainous area, especially
the north, southeast and southwest areas.


Lo Shu

Lo Shu ruling in 2014 is four in the southeast , which means a small timber . In this year don’t build or renovate on Grand Duke formation is the southern region , west-northwest and east – northeast . Light green color will give encouragement to the user and could be the trend in this year .

Seng Chi or “create breath” is a good direction for the placement of the entrance, bedroom or study room which can bring the material and career :
Men on Northeast direction and women is southwest 

While the bad direction Jue Ming or “loss anything” is :
man is the north and women is southeast


The fate of 12 Shio in 2014 :

Rat        : financial difficulties and excessive spending .
Buffalo   : an unhappy love life , emotional and financial problems .
Tigers    : the presence of a lot of opportunity and happiness , work smoothly .
Rabbit   : there are many friends who helped .
Dragon  : the existence of some uncertainty , but the bad news is still to be overcome .
Snake   : plans drawn to reveal the results , although initially there aid decrease .
Horse    : the existence of luck , increased material and the issue is resolved .
goat      : silence year, fortune and material increase with less problem
monkey : a pretty tight year in the competition , the necessary flexibility
Dogs     : progress in all areas and the best in people born in this year.
Pig        : absence of good fortune at work, adventures and new friends.


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