Food for the future, No hungry anymore

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     “When we want to change another people, we have to change ourselves before”

 kelaparan      Human growth increasing everyday but the land is getting narrower. As it continues, it will be more and more people are starving from lack of food . It required every consciousness in human beings for survival in the future .

Human staple such as rice , wheat and corn will be difficult to meet growing human needs increasingly . we need something to solve this problem.Human activity has forgotten an ingredient that may be a solution to hunger in the future… That is Breadfruit .


breadfruit      Breadfruit grows in many tropical countries , especially Indonesia . Breadfruit don’t have seeds and it soft like bread when fried or cooked . Then why can I say this future of food source? ? Let’s see :

  • The root of the tree is strong, no pests , the organic and the result is a lot .
  • Source of Carbohydrates .
  • Can be processed into various foods .
  • The price is cheap and affordable for the entire human.
  • All parts of the breadfruit tree can be used, from the meat , leaves , sap and wood .

You can see the nutritional content of breadfruit here  

Food Uses

        breadfruit-salad-8Breadfruit can be cooked and eaten at all stages of development. It is typically consumed when mature, but still firm, and is a delicious substitute for any starchy root crop, vegetable, pasta, potato, or rice. Mature breadfruit can be boiled, steamed, or baked and replace potatoes in many recipes. Small, immature fruit can be boiled, pickled or marinated, and have a flavor similar to that of artichoke hearts. Sliced breadfruit can be fried to make chips or ‘French fries’ or candied. Ripe fruit are creamy and sweet and can be eaten raw or used to make pies, cakes, and other desserts. Breadfruit made into a cereal or pureed ripe fruit is good food for babies. The nutritious seeds resemble chestnuts in flavor and texture. They are boiled, roasted, or ground into meal. Immature fruit can be sliced, seeds and all, and cooked as a vegetable. Male flowers are candied and eaten as a sweet.

In here I open the donation and long-term investment for planting breadfruit. The results of the harvest will be made to help people or are sold at a low price but profitable. 

“Only those people who had a distant view of the future that look of eternity behind a void. Those who lay, see emptiness as the futility”

This is a one of the demo breadfruit cooking :

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