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AuraAura is a refraction of light emitted from the human body (The energy emitted from the ether body), so there is no element of mystical aura or occult because purely natural aura and can be proved by using modern technology. Aura can’t be seen with the naked eye without practice because of aura of view arising from the emitted etherik human body which then refracts out of the body naturally so that the physical body was covered by a radiant aura.

This aura of radiance can be read character, health and luck a person, a person who has a problem in his mind can be viewed from the radiant aura, because the aura represent the condition of a person in his life. If someone Covered by negative aura, then it will be difficult to achieve success and luck in life. , But that does not mean it’s aura can not be changed.

Investigators regarding the human aura started since 1935 when a professor from Russia, krilian had develop a tool to see  fotograpi high-voltage energy field of human hands and feet. The technology was then known as Kirlian fotograpi. Then in 1980 an American engineer and inventor, named Guy Coggins, developed a camera that can detect and visually display the human aura. Known by the name of Aura Imaging Photography, this technology is capable of producing representations aura colors in the complete spectrum.  In 1992, Guy Coggins introduce this discovery with the name Aura Camera 6000.

How to work the camera begins to capture the aura of the electromagnetic waves emanating from each chakra that is in man. The waves are then detected through acupuncture points in the palm of the hand that represents the whole body. Through the processor in the camera, it was converted waves in certain colors were subsequently printed by a Polaroid photograph aura. Furthermore aura colors that appear in the image is what represents the aura picture of someone’s identity.


Through your aura photo can recognize and understand real identity. Surely it is more objective, because this aura photo using the role that technology can minimize the element of subjectivity.

Aura Imaging Photography  By understanding and knowing who you are, a lot of profit to be had. Among other things, you are more aware of the identity of potential capital that you have so that you can use power appropriately. Conversely areas become weak points that have been the limiting factor of success, you can change and develop into something positive. Success would be easily achieved when you truly understand and master yourself.

crystal        Using the findings of this aura photo would be best if paired with the use of natural crystals that are useful for the energy balance within the human aura. Natural crystal has been scientifically proven to have a Piezo energy that can absorb, store and release electrical energy in the human body thus making it balanced. As a result, your thoughts and feelings became focused after using crystal.

Aura Colors


RED | people who have the basic colors have some common characteristics, which have the sensuality, the power of his physical prime, hardworking, aggressive, and has a high vitality.

ORANGE | people who have the basic colors have several characteristics general is productive, positive, adventurous, kreatifdan ekspensif, love a challenge,
excitement, business minded.

YELLOW | people who have the basic colors have some common characteristics, namely rigorous, intellectual, creative, full of warmth, optimism, joy, generous, happy speeding, easy going, love to learn, intelligent, but that intelligence is used for negative things like deceptive, when a yellow murky aura.

GREEN | people who have the basic colors are generally social characteristics, close to nature, like a pet, harmonious, teachers, happy to communicate and interact with others, a good host, generally people who have a basic color green aura engaged in the ministry.

BLUE | people who have an aura of blue is the primary color characteristics sensitive, general helper, loving and caring, loyal, full of peace, desire to help others, people who are happy to give attention to others.

OLD BLUE (indigo) | people who have an aura of dark blue color has a common characteristic that is dignified, quiet, has a deep feeling, loving, truth seeker, introverted, artistic, has the authentic value.

PURPLE | guys have a common characteristic that is intuitive, artistic, idealistic, magical, sensual, theoris, futuristic, charismatic, has a mission forward, not compromise, full of possibilities and innovative inventor.

PINK | person who has this color has the general characteristics imaginative, mystical, full of fantasy, dreamer, artistic, gentle, creative, easily hurt feelings, sensitive, often fantasize (not realistic) etheric.

WHITE | people with basic aura has characteristics that transpormatif, transcendent, spiritual, healing, peace, enlightenment, sensitive, living higher dimension, the dominant relationship with God, being in conditions that are less fit.

BROWN | characteristics generally are stingy, selfish, selfish, emotional cheating.

” aura color which has been translated in a person’s body shape can change and can also still be even worse under the previous conditions, to maintain stability and contain the aura that emanated positiv values ​​then need peace and away from thinking thoughts that will negativ radiant aura meruksak itself… “

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